Ryan Builds Wheels

The decision to build up a set of wheels instead of buying a pair of wheels off the shelf
img_2085came about because I didn’t originally want a pair of wheels at all. I had a bit of a silly accident with my race wheels and needed just a front wheel.

Anyway, after failing miserably to find a replacement, I came across a local seller on eBay selling a set of 35mm deep Reynolds rims. I took the plunge and bought them. I bought them before really looking into wheel building. I found out hubs are expensive! As are spokes! When I thought about carbon wheels I always assumed that the rim was the expensive part! the reality it only really accounts to about 30% if you’re wanting a top quality  build.

The build:img_2088

  • Reynolds OEM 35mm deep 24mm wide tubular rims
  • Tune Mig 45 front hub
  • Tune Mag 175 rear hub
  • Sapim CX ray aero spokes.

The fact the wheels ended up with Ryan was by
chance really. Originally the wheels were to be built by Performance Cycles; with their hectic workshop, finding the time to build wheels was looking Impossible. Ryan was located in Bristol and was excited about taking on the build. 

The results:

The Tune hubs super light and really helped reduce the wheels overall weight. Coming in at 1140g a pair they were sure to climb brilliantly! The front was laced radially and the rear was 2 cross both sides. His attention to detail was great with the valve holes lining up with the logos on the hubs, both wheels were perfectly true, well-balanced and tensioned as far as I could tell with a few flicks of the spokes, very evenly.

With the total price img_2090of the build well below that of any similarly spec factory built wheel, I’m astounded more people don’t opt for hand-built wheels. From sourcing all the parts too the finished product took around a month; a lot of that was down to me being picky! Also with cyclocross well underway I sure I will be back to get a set of less exotic Tubs built up to handle to mud!