I’ve seen Easter weekend as the true start of the season for the past couple years now. There was more to do than normal, with the Latton club 10 prolog on Thursday, Castle Coombe Easter classic on the Friday and the new Cotswold League 4up TTT on Sunday.

I was a bit out of practice going into the Latton TT and my pacing felt a bit off. I went up the first strait a bit hard considering there’s little tail wind I was averaging just over 30mph. The turn felt good as the pace didn’t drop considerably like it can on the U48 corse. I did realise crossing the line for the first of the two laps I had gone a bit hard. I was a good 2mph down on the second run up the strait. It was enough to set the fastest time of the night, and a time I was happy with considering its so early in the season, coming across the line in 21:01, Only about 10s of a PB, I’m hoping I can just get faster from here.

Next up it was the Easter Classic at Castle Coombe. I normally hate this race, as it can be quite boring. I’ve always thought that it didn’t really matter if it was one lap or twenty, the same people would always win. The track is flat and fast and its near impossible to get away. This year was different. The wind was strong and that led to some exciting racing; being pushed off the track trying to battle for wheels in the cross winds and touching 70kph when the wind was on our backs, The race was also an hour and a half making it that bit more demanding. I was nervous in the bunch for the first couple laps as we settled into the race. It would have been the first race of the year for a lot of riders and with the wind element it was twitchy and quite aggressive as riders forced each other into the wind. After constant attacks a group of around 10 riders managed to ride clear. I was nowhere near the front when this happened so completely missed it. With about fifteen minutes left to race I joined a small group of riders trying to bridge the gap. It was hopeless. We weren’t willing to work together and bring the whole bunch across so sat up and rolled in to finish with the bunch.

17952910_136309576906764_6107225688386892544_nOn Sunday it was the first time running of the Cotswold League 4up Team Time Trail. It defiantly had the making of a good event and a lot of people were excited by it and I think it will get better year on year. The corse was a good rolling corse with a mixture of long uphill drags and super fast downhill sections. Our ride was less than perfect though with mechanicals and some rider errors costing us considerable time but equally on the points we worked together well and the fluidity was there it was awesome. I’m excited about the prospect of riding the event again next year with better planning and  practice on the team element of the TTT.