Lets not kid ourselves here… Its only January, its fricking cold and racing in these conditions suck. With a scattering of winter closed circuit races popping up; I thought I would man up and brace myself for the numb toes and see where I’m at this early in the year.

In short, the legs felt quite good. Once the couple pounds of winter padding has dispersed and I’m back at ‘Race Weight’ I should be in a good place come Spring.
Odd downs a funny circuit. It would be easy for me to say it doesn’t suite me, to punchy, a track for the sprinters. On the other hand it is also the place where I had my first win. I’ve found that on a particularly fast day the course can suit me well. Although my bike handling is hardly what you would call amazing, I’m able to hold my own and not loose to much space between riders.

My aim was to 16142974_719154671594036_7706115545045032167_ndevelop a brake away by force, driving the pace and splitting it up. Doing this alone is very difficult. I was hoping people would have a similar idea and help share the workload. But no one was willing to pull through. There’s to many youtube cycling tutorials, saying you must stay off the front if you want to win; only good advice if your a strong sprinter who can successfully navigate your way through a crowded finish strait…

…Yeah, thats not me.

After a few failed attempts to get a solid brake to form, the race clock was quickly running down. With three laps I got ready for the Inevitable. I decided that I wasn’t even going to contest the sprint. Watching riders bounce off each other round each corner put me off. I haven’t ridden in a bunch for some time and wasn’t full 16174644_1197381430369271_3356687053292032560_nof confidence.

The final sprint was madness. There was a big crash evolving two riders at the front of affaires, one rider decided the safest place was on the complete wrong side of the track and another taking the cyclocross approach and taking to the grass.

Was an enjoyable first race. Hopefully next time it can be a bit faster and we can really have fun railing the corners as we’ve done in previous races.