Since the final round of the Cotswold league I’ve been quiet on here. So thought I would let you know what I’ve been up to… Other than being able to relax a bit and allow myself a few extra beers in. With the nights drawing in and the weather getting colder, getting outside during the week gets harder. Nights in on the turbo trainer are becoming more common. I’ve recently purchased a new turbo trainer and Zwift. I’ve used Zwift before back when it was in Beta and its changed a lot since then. It’s a much more polished product with online virtual races that happen everyday, and wow, they are tough! Probably one of the hardest things about indoor training is finding the drive to really push yourself, adding a competitive element definitely helps! Other than the time I almost passed out during a FTP test it’s probably the deepest I’ve gone on the torture machine.

During the winter I will also be enjoying a few cross races, mostly the western league but possibly a few Wessex league events as well, what ever is convenient really. I wont be taking cross seriou14520322_10210694002809578_7326977365771146700_nsly this year, more doing it to keep fitness up and have a laugh in the mud. What I’ve taken from cross so far is my legs work just fine, my fitness is more than enough to do well. My bike handling on the other hand has about the same level of finesse as a dog on laminate flooring. I was too late to sign up to the Western league to count towards the overall. This also means I wont move up the grid all year; a shame as I’ve managed to move from the back to regular top 10s and it would be nice to be gridded respectively.

Other than that I’m just out enjoying my riding. Getting to the Performance Cycles club rides on Saturdays and trying to enjoy turning myself inside out round their winter sportive series, the first of which was today, heading out towards Nailsworth then proceeded up one hill after another until we arrived back to the rewarding smell of bacon!