There is  just something about time trialing, racing at its simplest, or so you would think. Although a TT race is just you against the clock and the strongest rider will usually win, there is more too it than that. It only takes a few minutes and over hearing a few conversations at your first TT to realise it’s rather complicated. Everything from the; amount of times you have to re-morgage your house for the equipment you own, flexibility, body position and even how much air you put in your tyres.

I did my first 10 mile TT last year on my road bike and posted a time of 25:25, I showed up the following week and took 40 seconds off. That one improvement is all it took, I was hooked, first came a set of clip on bars followed by a skin suit. By the end of the year, with this set up I managed a personal best of 22:50.

For the 2016 season I’ve decided to take time trailing a bit more seriously. I did a substantial amount of training to improve my FTP over the winter, with hope I will see the rewards throughout the season.

I wasn’t planning on buying a dedicated TT bike but the temptation was always there, it became a sort of habit after returning home from a race that I would trawl through the eBay ads lusting over the second saving rigs that

Photo by Ted Parrott

I couldn’t afford! That was until I was lent a bike…
The weather was good with a light cross tail wind on the outward leg of the u48 course. Perfect really. I actually felt a bit sick while waiting to start, probably to do with the expectations to perform well. The bike was uncomfortable and too big for me, but I could get my self into a good aero position, I was just a bit worried whether I was going to be able to sustain it. By the end of the first strait I knew I could be on for a good time, my legs felt good and my average speed was over 30mph. I crossed the finish line, press stop on the Garmin, The time was 21:08 almost 40 seconds quicker than my previous best.

Within 24 hours of that ride, I was driving to London to pick up my own TT bike. And within 26 hours I was home and in the dog house with the other half. I guess moving out is going to have to be put off that bit longer.  My aim this year is to smash through the 21min mark, preferably by some margin.

The new bike, 2011 Giant Trinity