As a South Cerney resident, I wanted to do well in my home race, only problem was is that its a pan flat course with barely a rise. so it was very  unlikely to be my day. The team gathered together at the HQ to head out for a warm up lap and talk over some ideas. I suggested that I try to get into an early move and pick up the primes laps within a break away and Matt was going to follow any attacks from people who were dangerous to the series overall.

The start of the race was neutralised from the start/ finish line for about 2 miles. From lap one we were throwing riders of the front. First Jack Thompson had ago, partially thanks to the camera bike his go on the front was short-lived. Gareth Turner went next, once caught Jim Jones attacked. The peloton wasnt letting anything get away easy, Jim was dragged back after a mile or two, It was then my turn to go, I was followed by Sam Adey and a Bristol City rider. We never got more than 5 seconds on the bunch. Just 13324263_10209508240327658_2048585898_obefore the peloton was able to swallow us up I attacked again. I was able to get clear. Now what? I was on my own off the front. The dream would be to solo it for the win, I had 40 seconds on the rest of the race and I would be lying if I didn’t think about going for it. I was still on my own when it was time for the first sprint lap. The plan of taking the King of the Sprints was going well so far. On the forth lap I checked over my shoulder and for the first time I saw people. Not the peloton happily, but a three rider counter attack. I was invited to work with them and push the break aways advantage. I was able to out sprint the rest of the break away and took the maximum point for the second sprint lap. When it came to the final sprint lap I was already on the front taking my turn so g13313561_1113897588633128_2066829880_oot nipped to the line and only managed second. But I was confident that was enough to take the King of the Sprints prize.

Back in the peloton both Bath and Ride 24/7 were chasing hard to bring us back, I had a suspicion that this would be the case as there wasnt a rider represented in the break from either team. So after the sprint laps much to my companions annoyance I stopped rolling through and doing turns.

We were caught with two and a half laps to go. As soon as we were attacks from all teams were going. Out of all the attacks only one was finally allowed some room. Tom Grigson riding for Radon Bike Science who’s solo attack would actually end up being the winning move.

The final bell lap was the slowest lap of the race, probably also the most dangerous. Riders were all trying to move up but not be on the front, so we ended up being spread across the whole road.

13316941_1117411228279180_4189686530557231258_oThe pace suddenly shot up when the finish line was within a mile and riders went for early attacks. The final sprint was won comfortably by Gareth, shame it was only for second place.