It was a bitterly cold evening of racing thanks to the 30mph winds at the Thruxston motor circuit. I was in the 3rd cat only race. After a poor attempt to warm up in my hoody, it was time to take to the start line.

I was in the second row and was eager to sprint away from the gun but instead I had a rather embarrassing clip in attempt which instead almost left me falling out the back. Not the best start. After composing myself I started to move up and attacked off the front to test the field. I had a small gap for around half a lap. At least now I was finally warm! On the second lap another small attack went up the road a bit, it was a group of six, quite a dangerous number, so I took the front to shut it down before it could become anything. Soon after closing the gap Ride 24/7 junior Josh Price made a small attack. No one seamed to want to put the effort in to close it down, I didn’t want to be the rider to respond to every move. I made the decision to sprint across to him, making sure I didn’t take anyone else with me.

It took a hard 2-3 minute effort to catch him, IMG_1951.JPG
thankfully when I got over to Josh he was able to put in a strong turn on the front which allowed me to get my breath back. The gap was solid and we both knew this brake should stick if we worked well together. 7 laps remained of the 2.3 mile track. On the down hill
section where we were reaching speeds of 35+ mph Josh was struggling with the pace, so we worked out that the most efficient way to work together was for me to take the fast tailwind down hill and for Josh to take to the front on the uphill section and we would share the horrendous block headwind part.

This worked well and we kept a substantial gap. When it came to the last lap it was time to stop working together and let the ride 24/7, performance cycles rivalry show. I could see Josh was a going to be strong in a sprint and knew he would probably beat me, so when we came to the fast section of the corse for the last time I used my 53/11 to my advantage and went full gas and managed to ride away from him. I came onto the finish straight and enjoyed my first win of the year.

The stamped13091744_1095022527187301_275561447_oing bunch sprint followed around 30 seconds later where team-mate Will Crofts managed to elbow his way to 6th place.