Castle Combe Easter Classic – 25.3.16 –
Castle Combe Easter Classic – 25.3.16 –

Back where I started, Castle Coombe Easter Classic.

There was a little disappointment at the beginning of the day, knowing that this could well be last time I get to race a Coombe. British Cycling put a rider limit on the circuit of just 100 riders. It’s a shame as the organisers put on a very good weekly summer series that was brilliant for testing your legs mid-week.
I wasn’t expecting much from the race today as I’ve learnt flat courses don’t suit me particularly well. I was going into the race to purely test my legs out before the real season starts. I started the race by trying to get into an early break. Coombe can be quite negative when it comes to brake aways, no one believes it can stick, so no one gives it there all. The 6 strong brake was quickly swallowed by the peloton.
After rolling round for a 40 minutes the bell went for the final lap. I was well positioned at the start of the lap as the two-man Ride 24/7 lead out started to move up. I thought this would be a good wheel to be on. We came out the final corner, the lead out wasn’t strong enough and we started getting swarmed on the right hand side of the track. I’m not much of a sprinter so kept out of the way off the mess.
Wasn’t a bad way to start the year. Got some speed in the legs and more importantly I managed to keep the wheels on the ground, more than a few unlucky individuals can say!